ScreenIDStringIDString DefinitionActions
AdminCategories CategoriesHeader Categories
AdminCategories CategoriesTab Categories
AdminCategories CategoryDetailsAddMsgSuccess Category details added successfully
AdminCategories CategoryDetailsDelMsgSuccess Category details deleted successfully
AdminCategories CategoryDetailsUpdateMsgSuccess Category details updated successfully
AdminCategories CategoryExistTip Duplicate category; category already exists
AdminCategories CategoryField Category
AdminCategories CategoryImageField Image
AdminCategories CategoryImageHeader Category Image
AdminCategories CategoryImageRequiredTip Please upload a category image
AdminCategories CategoryNameHeader Category Name
AdminCategories CategoryNameRequiredTip Please enter a category name
AdminCategories DeleteButton Delete
AdminCategories DeleteMsg Are you sure you want to delete the category ?
AdminCategories EditButton Edit
AdminCategories EditCategoryModalTitle Edit Category
AdminCategories EditModalSubmitButton Update
AdminCategories EmptyDataTip There are no categories
AdminCategories ModalCancelLink Cancel
AdminCategories NewCategoryButton New Category
AdminCategories NewCategoryModalTitle New Category
AdminCategories NewModalSubmitButton Save
AdminCategories OptionsHeader Options
AdminCategories SaveUpdateButton Save/Update
AdminEditReport AllowInstances Allow Instances
AdminEditReport ApplyUserValue Apply User Value
AdminEditReport Authorize Authorize
AdminEditReport BatchTemplate Batch Template
AdminEditReport Category Category
AdminEditReport DefaultValue Default Value
AdminEditReport DeleteButton Delete
AdminEditReport DeleteMsg Are you sure you want to delete the report ?
AdminEditReport Display Display
AdminEditReport DropDownTextUserLoginID Use Login ID
AdminEditReport DropDownTextUserValue1 User Value 1
AdminEditReport DropDownTextUserValue2 User Value 2
AdminEditReport DropDownTextUserValue3 User Value 3
AdminEditReport EditReportHeader Edit Report
AdminEditReport Email Email
AdminEditReport EmptyUserDataTip There are no users
AdminEditReport FirstName First Name
AdminEditReport IsStaticReport Static Report
AdminEditReport LastName Last Name
AdminEditReport NameDescription Parameter Prompt
AdminEditReport NamingFormatField Instance Format
AdminEditReport NumOfInstancesField Number of Instances
AdminEditReport Organization Organization
AdminEditReport OutputFormat Output Format
AdminEditReport ParameterValue Parameter Value
AdminEditReport PDFOnly PDF Only
AdminEditReport Picklist Picklist
AdminEditReport PickRPTLabelText Pick an RPT file
AdminEditReport PickRPTNoteMsg Leave above report field empty to choose an existing batch template
AdminEditReport ProcessingBrowseFilesMsg Loading... please wait...
AdminEditReport ProcessingRPTErrorMsg A problem has occurred while processing your file. Please try again.
AdminEditReport ProcessingRPTMsg Processing report... please wait...
AdminEditReport ReportName Report Name
AdminEditReport ReportNameExistTip Duplicate report name; report name already exists
AdminEditReport ReportNameRequiredTip Please enter a report name
AdminEditReport SaveButtonText Save
AdminEditReport SaveUpdateButton Save/Update
AdminEditReport ShowInstances Show Instances
AdminEditReport StaticReportPath Static Report Path
AdminEditReport StaticReportPathError Please input the static report path
AdminEditReport Type Type
AdminEditReport UpdateButtonText Update
AdminEditReport UserCanSelect User Can Select From Drop-Down
AdminEditReport UserID ID
AdminEditReport WebTemplateHeader Web Template
AdminGroups DeleteButton Delete
AdminGroups DeleteMsg Are you sure you want to delete the group ?
AdminGroups Description Description
AdminGroups DescriptionField Description
AdminGroups EditButton Edit
AdminGroups EditGroupModalTitle Edit Group
AdminGroups EditModalSubmitButton Update
AdminGroups EditReports Edit Reports
AdminGroups EditReportsModalHeader Edit Reports for
AdminGroups EditUsers Edit Users
AdminGroups EditUsersModalHeader Edit Users for
AdminGroups GroupAddSuccessMsg Group added successfully
AdminGroups GroupDeleteSuccessMsg Group deleted successfully
AdminGroups GroupDetailsUpdateMsgSuccess Group details updated successfully
AdminGroups GroupExistMsg Group ID already exists; please try a different one
AdminGroups GroupID Group Name
AdminGroups GroupIDField Group Name
AdminGroups GroupNamePasswordRequiredTip Please enter a group and password
AdminGroups GroupReportsUpdateMsg Reports updated successfully
AdminGroups GroupsTab Groups
AdminGroups GroupUpdateSuccessMsg Group updated successfully
AdminGroups GroupUsersUpdateMsg Users updated successfully
AdminGroups ModalCancelLink Cancel
AdminGroups NewGroupButton New Group
AdminGroups NewGroupModalTitle New Group
AdminGroups NewModalSubmitButton Save
AdminGroups Options Options
AdminGroups Password Password
AdminGroups PasswordField Password
AdminGroups ReportsModalTitle Reports
AdminGroups SaveUpdateButton Save/Update
AdminGroups UsersModalTitle Users
AdminReports NewReportButton New Report
AdminReports ReportsHeader Reports
AdminReports ReportsTab Reports
AdminReports SearchBoxButton Search
AdminReports SearchBoxCategory Category
AdminReports SearchBoxSearch Search
AdminSettings ContentField Content
AdminSettings EditButton Edit
AdminSettings EditCSSSettingsBtn Edit CSS
AdminSettings EditFooterModalHeader Edit Footer
AdminSettings EditLogosSettingsBtn Edit Logos
AdminSettings EditModalSubmitButton Update
AdminSettings EditSettingModalTitle Edit Setting
AdminSettings EditSettingsCSSModalHeader Edit CSS Settings
AdminSettings EditSettingsLogosModalHeader Edit Logos Settings
AdminSettings EditSettingsModalTitle Edit Settings
AdminSettings EditTabsBtn Edit Tabs
AdminSettings EditWidgetBtn Edit Widget
AdminSettings EditWidgetModalHeader Edit Widget
AdminSettings EmptyResourceDefinition There are no resource definitions
AdminSettings FooterContent Footer Content
AdminSettings ModalCancelLink Cancel
AdminSettings Options Options
AdminSettings RefreshButton Refresh
AdminSettings ScreenID ScreenID
AdminSettings SelectCSSFileField Select CSS File
AdminSettings SettingsDetailsUpdateMsg Settings updated successfully
AdminSettings SettingsHeader Settings
AdminSettings SettingsStringDefinitionUpdateMsg String definition updated successfully
AdminSettings SettingsTab Settings
AdminSettings SiteBackgroundField Site Background
AdminSettings SiteBackgroundFormatErrorTip The site background must be an image format
AdminSettings SiteBackgroundUrl ~/images/background/bg_grayscale_large.gif
AdminSettings SiteCSSField Site CSS
AdminSettings SiteLogoField Site Logo
AdminSettings SiteLogoFormatErrorTip The site logo must be an image format
AdminSettings SiteLogoUrl ~/images/logo/logo.png
AdminSettings SiteSettingsEditBtnText Edit
AdminSettings SiteSettingsEditModalHeader Edit Site Settings
AdminSettings SiteSettingsLabelTitle Site Settings
AdminSettings StringDefinition String Definition
AdminSettings StringID StringID
AdminSettings WidgetSectionLabel Widget Section
AdminUsers FirstNameField First Name
AdminUsers DeleteButton Delete
AdminUsers DeleteMsg Are you sure you want to delete the user ?
AdminUsers EditButton Edit
AdminUsers EditGroups Edit Groups
AdminUsers EditGroupsModalHeader Edit Groups for
AdminUsers EditModalSubmitButton Update
AdminUsers EditUserModalTitle Edit User
AdminUsers Email Email
AdminUsers EmailAddressField Email Address
AdminUsers EmailFormatErrorTip Please enter a valid email address
AdminUsers FirstName First Name
AdminUsers GroupsModalTitle Groups
AdminUsers ID ID
AdminUsers IDField ID
AdminUsers LastName Last Name
AdminUsers LastNameField Last Name
AdminUsers ModalCancelBtnText Cancel
AdminUsers ModalCancelLink Cancel
AdminUsers ModalUpdateBtnText Update
AdminUsers NewModalSubmitButton Save
AdminUsers NewUserButton New User
AdminUsers NewUserModalTitle New User
AdminUsers Options Options
AdminUsers Organization Organization
AdminUsers OrganizationField Organization
AdminUsers ParameterValue Parameter Value
AdminUsers ParameterValueField Parameter Value
AdminUsers ParamValue parm
AdminUsers Password Password
AdminUsers PasswordField Password
AdminUsers SaveUpdateButton Save/Update
AdminUsers SelectCheckBoxField Select
AdminUsers UserAddSuccessMsg User added successfully
AdminUsers UserDeleteSuccessMsg User deleted successfully
AdminUsers UserDetailsUpdateMsgSuccess User details updated successfully
AdminUsers UserExistTip User ID already exists; please use a different ID
AdminUsers UserNamePasswordRequiredTip Please enter an ID and password
AdminUsers UsersGroupsUpdateMsg Groups updated successfully
AdminUsers UsersHeader Users
AdminUsers UsersTab Users
AdminUsers UserUpdateSuccessMsg User updated successfully
AdminUsers UserValue1 User Value 1
AdminUsers UserValue1Column Parm 1
AdminUsers UserValue2 User Value 2
AdminUsers UserValue2Column Parm 2
AdminUsers UserValue3 User Value 3
AdminUsers UserValue3Column Parm 3
GroupLogin GroupID Group ID
GroupLogin InvalidGroupIDPassword Invalid Group ID or Password
ReportInstances InstancesField Instances
ReportInstances SelectFiletoView Select
ReportParam AddItemToList Add a Value to Selected Values List
ReportParam AvailableValueField Available Values
ReportParam EnteraValueField Enter a Value:
ReportParam EnterValueToAddField Enter a Value
ReportParam ItemExistsField Already Item Exists
ReportParam SelectCityField Select City
ReportParam SelectedValueField Selected Values
ReportParam SelectItemToAddMsg Select Item to Add
ReportParam SelectItemToRemoveMsg Select Item to Remove
ReportParam SelectRegionField Select Region
ReportParam SelectStateField Select State
ReportRunner ReportFormatOptionField Report Format Options
ReportRunner EmailOption Email
ReportRunner GenerateReportError Error processing the report. Please contact Support or try again.
ReportRunner GeneratingReport Generating Report...
ReportRunner ReportRunnerHeader Run a Report
ReportRunner ReturnToReportList Return
ReportRunner ScreenOption Screen
ReportRunner SendTo sent to
ReportRunner SubmitButton Submit
UserChangePassword ChangePassword Change Password
UserChangePasswordMail FromEmail
UserChangePasswordMail FromEmailPwd
UserChangePasswordMail MailBody
UserChangePasswordMail MailSubject Change Password
UserChangePasswordMail SendMailSuccessMsg Mail Sent Successfully
UserChangePasswordModalPopup ConfirmPassword Confirm Password
UserChangePasswordModalPopup ConfirmPasswordBlankMsg Enter confirm password
UserChangePasswordModalPopup CurrentPassword Current Password
UserChangePasswordModalPopup CurrentPasswordBlankMsg Enter current password
UserChangePasswordModalPopup CurrentPasswordErrMsg Enter correct password
UserChangePasswordModalPopup MisMatchPasswordMsg Passwords do not match
UserChangePasswordModalPopup ModalCancelLink Cancel
UserChangePasswordModalPopup ModalSubmitLink Submit
UserChangePasswordModalPopup NewPassword New Password
UserChangePasswordModalPopup NewPasswordBlankMsg Enter new password
UserExit ExitTab Exit
UserLogin InvalidUserIDPassword Invalid User ID or Password
UserLogin LoginButton Login
UserLogin LoginHeader Login
UserLogin LoginID ID
UserLogin LoginPassword Password
UserReports ReportsHeader Reports
UserReports ReportsTab Reports
UserReports SearchBoxButton Search
UserReports SearchBoxCategory Category
UserReports SearchBoxSearch Search
WebPortalCommonResource AddCompanyName Please add missing CompanyName key to Web.Config file and set the value to your actual company name
WebPortalCommonResource BatchTemplateErrorTip Can not find the batch template, batch template is corrupted, or permissions error
WebPortalCommonResource DataValidationMsg Data Validation Error - Verify Data Entered
WebPortalCommonResource DeleteConfirmTip Are you sure you want to delete it?
WebPortalCommonResource DeleteConfirmTitle Confirm
WebPortalCommonResource LoadingMessage Please wait...
WebPortalCommonResource WebSiteTitle Jeff-Net Report Runner Web Portal

Site Logo Site Background
site logo site background

Web Templates: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Jeff-Net\Report Runner Batch\AppData\Event Server\WebTemplates\
Parameter Pick Lists: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Jeff-NetReportRunnerWebPortal\PickListDirectory\
Static Reports: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Jeff-NetReportRunnerWebPortal\StaticReportDirectory\
New RPT Files: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Jeff-NetReportRunnerWebPortal\NewRPTFilesDirectory\


Web Portal Manual (See Section X)

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